“An Aid to Call”

Supplemental Feeding Program 2015
By: Mae Eleonor Baladjay
Conspicuously, our country experiences poverty thus, results too many social problems that our government barely cater our primary needs. One of social problems is the mass growth of malnourish children. Statistics sows that only 63.2% of children 6-23 months old reach the minimum variety of foods for a good diet tis is due to the lack of health facilities, irresponsible parenthood, and socioeconomic challenges.
In line with our motto, “Committed to help.” two branches of MYGC organized a supplementary feeding program last July 27, 2015 to September 9, 2015 on selected schools of Mactan Bank Bogo and Mr. Yu Finance Corporation San Carlos Branch served nutritious foods eradicating hunger and to help students to become healthy, to improve immunity against diseases promoting a productive Filipino children.

EAYFI School bags and Supplies Distribution
By: Mae Eleonor L. Baladjay
Ernesto “Asay” Yu foundation Corporation in partnership with the member companies; CLC and Mactan Bank, had successfully distributed school supplies and bags last July 6, 2015 to July 27, 2105 in the following places; San Jose, Kalibo, Dumaguete, Kabankalan, Toledo and Lilo-an.
A total of 700 destitute students received school supplies and bags. This is to help Filipino children who are willing to go to school despite of the crisis they are experiencing.
This shows that EAYFI valued Education. Since Education is one way of improving our lives, moreover education does not only provide academic benefits but also enhances moral integration.
Indeed we are to turn our eyes to the world around us and see what we can make to build a brighter tomorrow. As what our motto says, “Committed to help.”- we should commit ourselves to service.