Scholars’ Summit and Christmas Get Together 2014

Since its inception, the scholars of EAYFI have grown in number. Every year, the foundation accepts new scholars, adding to the bunch of individuals in the scholarship program. This is true despite the fact that the first batch of scholars has already graduated. However, the new faces seem to be unacquainted with the second to fourth batch of scholars. To address this issue, the foundation continued to organize this once in a year event – the Scholars’ Summit.

The Scholars’ Summit 2014 was held last December 13, 2014 at MYFC Mandaue branch. It was attended not only by the Cebu college scholars, but also of the TechVoc scholars from Don Bosco Pasil and Liloan and of the Street and Urban Working Children (high school scholars). Unfortunately, the college scholars in Bohol, Capiz, and Negros Oriental were not able to attend because it would be tedious for them to travel to Cebu. Even so, the foundation also held a separate Scholars’ Summit in the places mentioned.

The activity started with an invocation and the singing of the Philippine National Anthem. It was then followed by a welcome address given by Mr. Wilfredo Bayking, the program coordinator of EAYFI. Also, in order to be constantly reminded of the vision and mission of the foundation, as well as the members of the board of trustees, a short quiz was conducted. To further educate the scholars, a guest speaker was invited to tackle about the rights of women and anti-child abuse. Lunch was served right after.
Activities such as games, team building and the like to get more acquainted with one another were done right after lunch. These paved way to establishing deeper friendships and strong bonds with each other.

The summit was also held to recognize those scholars who have excelled in their chosen fields. Several scholars from Cebu Normal University and University of San Jose-Recoletos were recognized and given cash awards. Through this, the other scholars will also be motivated to study harder and become an achiever. Lastly, since it was the yuletide season, it is but common to have an exchange of gifts. Afterwhich, each scholar felt a sense of excitement while the gifts were unwrapped. After having known what each has received, smiles filled the venue and happiness was evident as the scholars left the venue.

The Scholars’ Summit 2014 may only lasted for a day but the friendship created, lessons learned, and the memories shared will surely last a lifetime. 

Elyzzah Kaye C. Torres
USJ-R College Scholar