Medical Equipment 2015

By: MYFC Roxas branch

“The greatest wealth is health”. As we partake in our social responsibility, the MYFC Roxas branch volunteered to distribute Medical Equipment to less fortunate barangay. In order to help them and aid their primary source of living which is to have a good health.
We have a great experience in choosing which barangay will be the recipient; we tried to seek help from DSWD to assist us in choosing the best barangay to be our recipient, gladly, they give us the listings of barangay wherein we can select from. From those listings we visited them one by one and conducted the survey if they are qualified or not. Hence, for all the barangays in the province of Capiz, the Brgy.. Ilaya Ivisan Capiz is qualified and was chosen to be our recipient for Medical Equipment 2015.
Last November 16, 2015 we successfully distributed the Medical Equipment and Supplies worth Twenty Five Thousand Pesos Only (Php. 25, 000, 00) in the presence of their Barangay Captain together with their Barangay Health workers and Midwife. They are overwhelm and thankful that out of all the barangays in the province of Capiz we had selected them, they assure us that what we have shared to them will be valued and distributed to all the sitio’s in their barangay. They also wish that our foundation can help more and continuously support the community to achieve health life.
For us in the branch it was a meaningful activity since it was our first time to participate in such activity with regards to the health of our community. We do hope that in the coming years a lot of activities that the branch is involved, we could still participate as well. We had a great joy in sharing our time to such an event where everybody can benefit. It end’s with “A healthy community is a healthy world to live in”.