Share a Blessing with the Ati Tribe

By; Jillian Gay Noval

Cebu College Scholars from Ernesto "Asay" Yu Foundation Inc. celebrated their "Share a Blessing" activity in a small community of Sitio Buyo, South Poblacion, Naga City, Cebu. Around 60 children from the Ati tribe wear a smile on their faces as they received gifts from the college scholars led by CCS President Jhubel Sanchez.
Saturday morning, college scholars met at MYFC Padilla to prepare and pack up school supplies and free snacks for the next day's activity. On Sunday twelve noon, college scholars along with the MYFC facilitators headed by Sir Fred Bayking started their about an hour journey. As they finally arrived, people from the ati tribe especially the ati children welcomed and greeted them with joy and excitement.
The event started with a prayer led by one of the college scholars. Sir Fred Bayking gave an opening speech to start the program. Right after, mini games and other fun-filled activities were participated by the ati children prepared by the college scholars. Mary Grace Dakay, as master of the ceremony, had successfully engaged the ati children to actively participate in every part of the event.
After playing games and stuffs, prices were given. School supplies and free snacks were immediately distributed. Each of them fall in line, waiting for their Christmas giveaways be finally at hand. After receiving their Christmas presents, the head of the ati tribe showed her deepest gratitude and appreciation for all the efforts each and everyone did.
This year's Share a Blessing activity in Naga City was planned and organized by Cebu college scholars with the aim of helping children in aiding their primary needs. Through sinking funds and having caroling sessions at MYFC branches across Cebu, they were able to cope up with all the expenses. Hopefully in the succeeding years, giving and sharing continues. As they say, “We are committed to help."