Message from the COO

The past year has been a challenging 12 months for Ernesto “Asay” Yu Foundation,
Inc.  This corporate social responsibility endeavor was established in 2009 as the
company’s social development arm side by side of its regular business operation, Its
mission is to help the disadvantaged individuals deprived of opportunities for education
and training and those that are victims of poverty.

EAYF currently has four major programs – Education, Environment, Enterprise
Development/Livelihood & Primary Health and Child Care. Although we have a standby
fund for disaster, however, the foundation did not treat it as a regular program and even
hope and pray that there will be no such occurrence in a particular year.

EAYF’s sources of operational funding primarily comes from Mr. Yu Group of
Companies or MYGC. It is a conglomerate of corporations who are into banking and
financing business that operate in Visayas region. Its officers and employees also has a
share in the operation of some of the foundation projects by being a volunteer and
donor at the same time.

In 2021, EAYF was given a fresh three(3)year registration and license to operate by
DSWD, Likewise, it was also given a certificate of accreditation by PCNC. These
certifications are manifestations of EAYF’s legitimacy in terms of project deliveries and
compliance to government regulations and standards.

The challenges recently encountered as a result of the pandemic COVID 19 has
brought chaos and uncertainties not only to our health but also to the economic
conditions worldwide. EAYF, which is highly dependent on donations from our
benefactors was not spared of it. However, we confronted the economic downturn head-
on. We remain positive and look at the brighter side of a thing. During the past year
EAYF has achieved milestones parallel in magnitude with any achieved during its 12-
year history.  We can proclaim that EAYF was able to deliver its programs and
services despite of difficulties and restrictions in the project implementation

During the fiscal year 2020-2021 EAYF employed the services of Registered Social
Worker to ably implement our scholarship program. With the deployment of Registered
Social Worker, we can be assured of a more quality service to our clients especially the

Close to the end of the year 2021, when Super Typhoon Odette lambasted mostly the
Visayas area, causing tremendous damage to infrastructures and properties, EAYF
embarked on a significant fundraising initiative to accumulate fund for the victims of the
typhoon.  We were able to generate fund in the amount of P 161,810.00 through
individual, corporate and foundation contributions.  We are very grateful as this
additional funding helps to advance EAYF’s mission of helping those who were victims
of disaster.

EAYF remains confident and proud of its brand and tag line – “Committed to help!”
which serves as a reminder of our mission and purpose. As we propel to another year of seemingly still a challenging year, we will use this brand and tag line to keep us positive
and resilient amidst this challenging times.

We are grateful to all our regular donors, partners and especially to the dedicated staff
of the foundation.  We are also grateful to our volunteers and Board of Trustees who
devote their valuable time each year to help us fulfill our mission.  We look to the future
with hope and inspiration.