Christmas Party

Ernesto “Asay” Yu Foundation, Inc.

By: Dexter Ricafort

On the 3rd day of December a Christmas Party was held at Livelihood Center. The Christmas party was for the scholars of Ernesto Asay Yu Foundation, it is a day of happiness and fun together with the family of each scholar. Most of them brought their own gifts and foods for everybody.

The first part of the day was a prayer after that they prayed a game which is led by the emcee; Joshua Peralta. The game was newspaper dance; everyone had a lot of fun. The next game was for the parent and scholar in which it is the finding of the missing money. After all the fun, everybody gathered around to eat their lunch. Finally, we exchanged our precious gifts, together with the parents, and they are so happy for what they had received from the gift.

Overall, the whole program brought a lot of fun and brought so much joy to the scholars as well as with the parents, the vents made us close with the other scholars and we got to mingle with them.