By: Princess Daisy Bilar
EAYF SUWC Scholar-Junior High School

We all face different difficulties that impact our lives. No one escaped strife, all of us
faced it. Students are also the most example of this situation. We are stepping higher and
longer stairs, going to our dreams. Others fail climbing on it. Why? because they are
starting to fall out because of different issues, one of which is the financial issue.

The value of education is something that I understood since a very young age. My mother
neither had an opportunity to attend college nor face many struggles in her personal and
professional life because of this. My mother and father made a commitment early in my
life to do everything within their power to instill in me a love of learning and an
understanding of the importance of hard work and dedication.
Because of the financial problem, with the help of my grandma, we searched for
scholarships and found Ernesto Asay Yu Foundation Inc. as our light. We submitted an
application, went through some processes, and finally got accepted. I think EAYF saw
the best in me, making them choose me as one of their scholars, as I’ve been a consistent
honor student since kinder-junior high school, active in school and community outside of
the classroom serving on the student council as President, having various of talents and
achievements in an early age.

EAYF has always been good to me, they treat everyone as a family everyone is open to
helping each other, they never fail to make each scholar happy and they provide good
financial support that decreases future debts. EAYF also helps me improve my doings in
school and give the best of best in me.

While I am constantly studying hard for better grades, I will remain grateful to have
found opportunities like the one your EAYF is providing to students like me. It makes me
feel that I am not alone on the journey of accomplishing my educational goals.