About Ernesto “Asay” Yu
Foundation, Inc.


A dynamic social development foundation with a firm commitment in helping
build and support Filipino communities.


To contribute for the development of the society by granting scholarship to the underprivileged and deserving college, high school and out of school youth, providing assistance to the needy schools, involve in the protection and preservation of the environment, service to the community and establish linkage with other organizations in areas identified by the foundation.



Primary goals;

To support the under privileged and deserving youth and children to access secondary, tertiary
and vocational education.

Secondary goals;

1. To provide improvements to public elementary schools identified by the Foundation.
2. To provide educational supplies and materials to indigent elementary students.

3. To contribute to the protection of our environment

4. To provide material and technical support to beneficiary people’s organization

5. To establish linkage and partnership with institutions/organizations in the selected

6. To provide support to calamity stricken areas

7. To provide direct interaction with the community through delivery of basic services and improvement of public utilities